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Excerpt from Glaciers, 2020

My work uses photography to create poetic connections between ourselves and the environment. I create a transformation across landscapes, a journey beyond cultural, historical, and political boundaries. This highlights what we all share; light is the language we all understand. 


Through photography, I capture the hidden and invisible energy that lies within landscapes. I transform waves, tides, streams, and the winds through light; a moment in flux. I want to show the beauty and energy of the land we are a part of. I want to trigger curiosity for a better world. Light itself is the best language to describe the pulse of nature’s depths. Light is my language.

Water 2

From a series on the poetry of wind and water


Transforming Landscapes through Light

In this project, I transform American landscapes through light. I build site-specific setups to generate energy, powered by the land and the elements. This energy generates light, and this light transforms space. As daylight fades, the illuminated lights become visible, shining brightly in the night. I capture the hidden and invisible energy that lies within the landscapes, the waves, tides, streams, and the winds; a moment in flux. I want to show the beauty and energy of the land we are a part of. Light is my language.


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Glaciers, 2020

Scale, space and light. That is how I remember this landscape after weeks of intense shooting. I am awed by the raw power of nature in this sparse environment and the gigantic proportions of this fragile ecosystem.

Wide areas covered by ice, eroding in rain as global temperatures threaten the ice, so crucial to the climate balance of our planet. In the last sixty years, the poles have warmed up to more than twice the rate of the rest of the world. In all the landscapes I am, I wonder if, in the future, people will even have the privilege of witnessing what I have seen.


Light is one of the few fundamental encounters with nature that can still be experienced within our modern urban lives. The beauty of this installation is that we are creating a light that we know, but very rarely have seen with the eyes open. As we are not familiar looking at light in this way, it is a light that is very known to us, but a surprise when we are able to find it. Light occupies space, it has presence, and it is something we will feel and experience. We normally don’t look at light, we look at something light reveals.  the narrative it creates. These installations are both, flexible and site specific, both space and light inform each other and appear only momentarily. 


It destroys and it renews, it is both controllable, and unpredictable. A fire can be set, lit, and to an extent controlled, yet its fleeting nature, not to mention its speed, make for an unpredictable outcome. The use of fire marks mankind's evolution. For tens of thousands of years, we have illuminated the night with flames. Light is timeless and the observer enters a stage of transience.


Reflecting upon this, I decided to burn fires in various landscapes, resembling sculptures made of light. Transient worlds, fire touching water, rivers, wind and soil - I am fascinated by its fragility and perfection, reminded of the beauty and briefness of life. Falling sparks change shape constantly, each fall barely lasts more than a fraction of a second. The shape of fire falling becomes a beautiful impermanent sculpture, infinite in itself. One photograph captures a moment in flux - life and death at the same time. Sparks create delicate reflections on water, before they are extinguished upon touching its surface. The metamorphosis of fire and its constantly changing form becomes a visual narrative, a metaphor for cycles of life - death and renewal, in the natural and the spiritual worlds.

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