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One Moment Gleaming Bright - Darkened At The Next


“If light is scarce; we will immerse ourselves in the darkness and there discover its own particular beauty.” - Junichiro Tanizaki

Fire destroys and it renews, it is both controllable, and unpredictable. A fire can be set, lit, and to an extent controlled, yet its fleeting nature, not to mention its speed, make for an unpredictable outcome. The use of fire marks mankind's evolution. For tens of thousands of years, we have illuminated the night with flames. Light is timeless and the observer enters a stage of transience. Reflecting upon this, I decided to burn fires in various landscapes, resembling sculptures made of light. Transient worlds, fire touching water, rivers, wind and soil - I am fascinated by its fragility and perfection, reminded of the beauty and briefness of life. Falling sparks change shape constantly, each fall barely lasts more than a fraction of a second. The shape of fire falling becomes a beautiful impermanent sculpture, infinite in itself. 

One photograph captures a moment in flux - life and death at the same time. Sparks create delicate reflections on water, before they are extinguished upon touching its surface. The metamorphosis of fire and its constantly changing form becomes a visual narrative, a metaphor for cycles of life - death and renewal, in the natural and the spiritual worlds.

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