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Request a reel or see a comprehensive list of Tobias Hutzler's film work by contacting:

Europe > Luis Lange


Japan > Kirameki inc

United States > CG&A


Studio > TH, LLC

Tobias Hutzler is an internationally renowned filmmaker and photographer with a bold vision. He is consistently recognized for challenging a conventional interpretation of beauty and his unique transformations of light and space.

He created award-winning work in commercial campaigns, consistently pushing the boundaries of his form. Through his unique visual language and emotional storytelling, he created global campaigns for a host of diverse clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Lexus, VW, Toyota, Audi, Sony, Nike, BMW, Porsche, Lincoln, and HSBC, and he was commissioned by Volvo, Aston Martin, Johns Hopkins, and Range Rover to interpret and capture the future of mobility and technology.

His approach to directing reaches far beyond technical perfection; creativity, a strong concept, and art direction blended with striking performances, as well as his understanding of brands and agency objectives characterize his success, creating paradigm-shifting work, uniquely attributable to only his hands, establishing himself as one of the most genre-defining directors in the industry. 

His work stems from a diversity of traveled interests, inspirations, and life experiences, having lived in Europe, the US, and Japan, he has worked on every continent, traveling in more than 60 countries. 

His films and campaigns have won numerous awards and gained recognition worldwide. His work has been featured in TIME, VOGUE, New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stones Magazine, Wired, GEO, and The New Yorker. His artwork has been exhibited in MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the National Portrait Gallery London, and the Tokyo National Museum. He has been called “one of the most exciting new visual artists” by AD Magazine.

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