Client: Shiseido Company, Limited.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Production: Toboggan Inc トボガン

Executive Creative Director: Mike Farr, Tota Hasegawa

Creative Director: Azsa West

Co director: Azsa West

Copy Writer: Victoria Trow

Art Director: Ayano Takase

Executive Producer: Kaz Shinagawa

Agency Producer: Asako Satomi

Producer: Kishin Oyama

Director: Tobias Hutzler 

AD: Kawatsu Takayuki

DP: Mizuki Nishida 

Gaffer: Seigo Takeuchi

Production Manager: So Matsufuji

Art: Kozen Fujiwara 

Stylist: Takumi Iwata

Hair Stylist: Kazuya Matsumoto

Make-up Artist: EBARA

Music: Jemapur

Production Assistants: Mayumi Sankoda 

Sayoko Mori

Hayato Kubo


Agency: The & Partnership

Head Of Art: Dan Beckett    

Creative Director: Phil Beaumont

Account: Jonathan Ratcliffe

Executive Producer: Daniel Healy

Producer: Dale Chapman

Exec. Producer: Christian Jacks

Producer: Matthias Schellens

Production manager: Julian Feuerstacke

Editor: Erik Dornblut

Post production: Slaughterhouse

Production: April May


Client: Audi AG

Agency: loved

Dop: Christopher Haering

Production: Thomas Zeise

Executive producer: C.Severin

Postproduction: Harvest digital

Producing: Lena S.

Edit: Marcel Izquierdo

Color grading: Dennis W.

Motion design: Katerina S.

Compositing: Christoph G.


Award winning short film written and directed by Tobias Hutzler, 

inspired by Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque artist Maedir. 

Production: Prime Pictures

Produced by James Jolly

Executive producer: Brent Langton of B2Pro 

Editor: Sam Maliszewski of Bunker Media.

1st assistant camera: Corey Jenkins.

2nd assistant camera: Patrick Racheff

Light/electric Jared Roessler.

Digital: Chris Davis


Miraikan 日本科学未来館 

Tokyo, Japan

Production: Toboggan Inc トボガン

Executive Producer: Kaz Shinagawa

Director: Tobias Hutzler 

Dp: Koino 

Gaffer: Seigo Takeuchi

Production Manager: So Matsufuji

Tobias Hutzler is a director and photographer with a bold, subversive vision. Through his award winning work in commercial campaigns, he has gained a formidable reputation as a pioneer, consistently pushing the boundaries of his form. His work stems from a diversity of traveled interests, inspirations, and life experiences, having lived in Europe, Asia and the US, and worked on every continent. His unique visual language with character-driven elements showcase excellent emotional storytelling that challenges what is expected of advertising. His distinct visual aesthetic has received the attention of some of the worlds most renowned global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Audi, Shiseido or Sony. 

His tireless work ethic and pursuit of his creative vision is inspiring, energizing and infectious. The creative ceiling to Tobias' work is limitless because he is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. His work is characterized by strong art direction blended with strong performances. He always attempts to make time for the obscure and interesting, creating paradigm shifting work, uniquely attributable to only his hands. Throughout his career he's successfully redefined the limits of reality, establishing himself as one of the most versatile, genre-defining directors and photographers in the industry.


His films have gained recognition worldwide. His images have been featured in Vogue, Wired, Rolling Stone Magazine, The NY Times, TIME, The New Yorker among many others. Tobias is a director who can adapt to any shooting environment - whether it's commanding a large crew or filming for himself. When he’s not on the road, you will most likely find him in New York, LA or Tokyo. 

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